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meva ramisarivelo mevara shoe designer
Meva Ramisarivelo - Founder & Creative Director
Meva Ramisarivelo, the woman behind Mevara, is a designer, entrepreneur and world traveler. An emerging talent who was born on the tropical island of Madagascar and who grew up in the fashion world of Paris, to later move to Canada. Meva has a vast knowledge in fashion, retail, entrepreneurship and business analysis. She has a BA in economics, has studied Management of Fashion and Luxury Companies and is also currently working on completing her Master's degree in Business Management (MBA) .
Her entrepreneurial endeavour started at the age of 22, when she started her online store selling shoes, while still attending university.  The idea for Mevara came to her a few months after she launched her first business. She soon found herself with a higher vision which called for higher quality designs, a more elegant style and elevated masterful craftsmanship. Meva has always had an extended passion for art & design, so she began drawing up her own designs; followed by an exhaustive search for the right manufacturer.
Her determination finally paid off when she found her manufacturing partners in Fermo, Italy. Based in the famous Marche region ,known for making highly crafted quality footwear for designer brands, Meva’s collaborators have worked with iconic brands such as Chanel, Sergio Rossi, Dior, Givenchy, and Moschino.
Now, bringing together her design skills with her experience in business and fashion, Meva is launching the Mevara brand after two years of planning. With her flair for design, attention to detail and high standards for finely crafted footwear and combined with the world-class craftsmanship of her Italian partners, the Mevara label has finally arrived. The eponymous label is the culmination of a lifetime dedicated to beauty, boldness, and progressive designing. Infused by Meva’s rich cultural experiences, distinctive design aesthetic and driven by her adventurous traveler’s spirit, Mevara brings a new elegance to the world of designer footwear.
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